Fight generational poverty through exposing marginalized youth to entrepreneurship opportunities using their strong critical, strategic and analytical business skills to create sustainable social, ethical, and culturally responsible businesses.
Our logo is a West African symbol that means leadership and greatness. I chose the symbol as our logo for its origin, and because it looks like a “target”. Using the symbol that resembles the target serves as a reminder to our youth, that they are targets for the goals they set to achieve their dreams.

Leadership Effectiveness

NBLA provides youth with entrepreneurial education, business training and practical experiences required to positively lead and manage effectively in their businesses, organizations, and communities.


NBLA exposes youth to self-development opportunities through fitness, critical thinking activities, and explorational entrepreneurial field trips to equip the youth with tools to deeply enrich their lives on their entrepreneurial journey.

Community Service

NBLA believes that a key component in becoming an effective leader is learning to serve the people you lead. NBLA demonstrates this commitment to community service and philanthropy by teaching youth the purpose and process in learning the ways of service before spearheading in leadership.


NBLA believes that perseverance is a major character trait needed to overcome difficult obstacles to reach and sustain entrepreneurial achievement. 

Entrepreneurial Excellence

NBLA inspires, develops and challenges youth to pursue the highest levels of academic and educational achievement needed to excel in entrepreneurship.
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