Natural Born Leaders Academy is a two-year program for students in grades 9-12.

NBLA Curriculum Objectives

Identify and connect the institution of slavery to the current economic systems in the U.S., including the current institution of mass incarceration.

Understand vocabulary as it relates to economic justice.

Identify the systems that have power and influence over economic justice and the way they operate.

Analysis of power and how it is used to liberate or support cycles of economic oppression.

Identify and apply personal finance skills in order to end cyclical poverty and build generational financial liberation and independence.

Build awareness of the impact economics has on the interpersonal and internalized aspects of life.

Identify the key role that entrepreneurship plays in dismantling oppressive cycles.

Specifically identify the role of the U.S. government and their interests in maintaining economic inequity - and why - including the concept of capitalism.

Identify and analyze examples of how entrepreneurship can create alternatives within the marketplace for ethical and equitable options for all consumers and producers.

Heighten awareness in consumers who understand their own buying power in relationship to institutions and their practices and ethics.

Curriculum lessons

economic justice
Dissect and investigate the circle of injustices made by the power of their dollar and how it impacts their lives in different ways.
imagination city bus tour
Explore how cities use the power of land design to perpetuate generational poverty
breaking the cycle
Dismantle the intersections of webbed devices of oppression and poverty
how much does life really cost?
Calculate real life expenses from rent to payday loans to gain a realistic view on how much life really costs and how much it takes to live the life you want.
who makes more money?
The beginning of exploration of the difference between ownership versus employee compensation.
invisible hand
Using the documentary film 13th by Ava Duvernay, have a group discussion to gain knowledge on how poverty exists and continues and develop overall awareness through a historical lens.