Natural Born Leaders Academy is a two-year program for students in grades 9-12.

Eradicate generational poverty by flooding the world with young, skilled entrepreneurs

We believe that all things start with the mind and its ability to critically think. Students are given challenges to build their analytical and strategic thinking skills. 
We believe the body is the agent used to manifest the mind's desires, so throughout the academy there are times for group fitness and meditation.
Entrepreneurial Spirit
We believe in the transformational power of entrepreneurship to eradicate poverty and manifest generational wealth that economically strengthens communities for generations.

Phase 1 - Economic Justice Curriculum
The academy begins with a semester-long economic justice curriculum. Here students are actively learning the intersections of power, money, entrepreneurship, and global economic systems and the impact those areas can have on our everyday lives. We teach how entrepreneurship can be a tool to help eradicate generational poverty and crime. Students who have completed the Economic Justice curriculum, first semester, are then given the opportunity to join NBLA and to move on to phase two.

Phase 2 -Get Money Saturday’s
During the second semester “Get Money Saturday’s”, Leaders will learn, in depth, the ins and outs of entrepreneurship. Through 10 hours of required community service, and in-depth math and reading comprehension lessons, students will gain a stronger knowledge of what a business looks like. They will then be able to experience writing and pitching their own business plans. They will visit businesses, shadow business leaders, and participate in economic conferences and business fairs. As students wrap up this phase, they will be given the opportunity to put their skills to use and start saving for their own business ideas.

Phase 3 - Royal Sno: Entrepreneurs In Training
A hands-on sweaty equity experience will provide Leaders with summer employment with opportunities to work on the snow cone bus. As the Leaders operate the bus they will strengthen their abilities to interact with customers, learn financial management, and develop networking skills. The students, who successfully complete Phase 3, will be given matching funds, up to $1,000, for their business savings account. They will be given the opportunity to move on to Phase 4.

Phase 4 - Entrepreneur Mentorship
The leaders who complete phase 3 will have the opportunity to partake in a year-long mentorship program. The leaders will be paired with seasoned entrepreneurs from their desired industry. Through the partnership, the leader will gain detailed knowledge and expertise about the industry. Along with this, they will be given hands-on help as they fully develop their business from the ground up. At the end of the year, these leaders will have the opportunity to professionally pitch their businesses with the potential to gain seed money needed to launch their business in the future.  

"When it comes to SUCCESS the choice is SIMPLE. You can either STAND UP and be counted or lie down and be counted out!"

– Maggie Lena Walker